Live Up to Your True Potential Workshop!

Are there days you feel lost, defeated and hopeless? Let me show you what it takes to develop a healthy mind and not let your past influence your future anymore! Gain Focus, Find Direction and Build Resilience. You are capable of much more than you even know!

What people are saying about the experience!


* I gained insight as to why I've failed to reach goals in the past: no clear plan, no one to hold me accountable, and why excitement alone isn't enough to carry us through to achieve that goal. Tamar, you presented the information so well; I love that you shared your own story without judgement, because that naturally had me paralleling my own past without judgment, too -- simply observing why some goals were abandoned, and why others were reached and then what I can do differently to ensure my current goals become reality. Gold star presentation! - Jennifer


* Enlightened!! - Donna


* I gained a clearer view of my mistakes and a better plan for success - Robin