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The Road Beyond Recovery

The Road Beyond Recovery

Hosted by: Tamar Medford

The Road Beyond Recovery Podcast empowers entrepreneurs in recovery to master their mind so they can grow their business and lead authentically fulfilled lives through community, connection and collaboration. Tamar...


132: Not Picking Up A Drink Through Trauma

Episode #132

Trauma used to cause me to pick up a drink. This allowed me to now have to deal with it. Today I no longer feel the need to pick up a drink anytime life goes sideways and trust me it does. As I navigate in this new...
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131: Shine Health & Empowerment Coaching with Erin Shine

Episode #131

Erin Shine is a Certified Functional Health Coach, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Mindfulness Practitioner. She has worked with hundreds of clients as a coach, personal trainer, and owner of a Fitness and Weight...
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130: Emotional Intelligence & Entrepreneurship

Episode #131

I drank because of my inability to handle my emotions. Drugs and alcohol became my solution to numbing everything out. When I first got sober and learned that I actually was allowed to feel these emotions the flood...
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129: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself with Justin Brien

Episode #129

We were in the fail-forward challenge. Website: Instagram @justinbrien19   Be a Part of the Rise in Recovery Network for Entrepreneurs! Are you someone in recovery who wants to make a difference in...
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128: How Intuitive Eating is Supporting my Growth Mindset

Episode #128

For so long I have fallen into the diet trap. This started in my addiction and followed me right along into sobriety. I have always taken that all-in approach to things which often leaves me feeling burnt out and...
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127: Wellness Seekers with Russell Beebe

Episode #127

Russell is an addiction specialist, life and wellness coach in addition to being a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor/ Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Russell helps unhappy therapists, wellness...
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126: What sets us apart from achieving success?

Episode #126

What sets us apart when it comes to achieving success? In this episode, I discuss the meaning of success and how that looks different for all of us. Our beliefs can make or break us as we tend to be our own worst...
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125: Empowering Growth with Rachel West

Episode #125

Rachel West is a Personal Growth Coach, Certified Trainer, Breakthrough Expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author, and the Founder of Empowering Growth. She is a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master...
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124 Practicing at The Outer Edges of Your Ability

Episode #124

On today's show, I talk about practicing at the outer edges of your ability and then doing just a little bit more to step over that line and learn to live up to your true potential. Often times we stop when we are on...
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123: Refractive Podcast & Coaching with Johnny Guidry

Episode #123

Johnny Guidry is a 16-year veteran of Human Resources and Training, Johnny Guidry is a motivational speaker, coach, facilitator, and the founder of Refractive Coaching. Having experienced an intense period of darkness...
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122: Tamar & Lindsay Go Neuro - Neuroplasticity

Episode #122

Today on the show we dive into the last topic of the Tamar & Lindsay Go Neuro mini-series. We chat about Neuroplasticity which is the brain's ability to learn and adapt. This means that you can in fact teach an...
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121: Recovery, Fellowship & Fitness with Danny Shelton

Episode #121

Danny Shelton is someone who has been in long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs since 9/16/2017. As everyone can imagine there are some pretty sad stories involved with long-term drug addiction. He won’t go into...
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