Do you Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?

Many people assume that having a growth mindset means that you are willing to try something new and learn. In this episode, I talk about what it means in my own journey to have developed a growth mindset and some of the tools I use to continue to develop that mindset. Being a full-time entrepreneur, I know that I need to wake up each and every day and ask the universe for what I want to accomplish. I know my mission, my purpose and I don't let any challenges take me away from that no matter how hard things get.


Do you want to Change Your Brain?

Join my friend Lane Kennedy and I as we take you on a journey of learning how to change your brain so you can change your story and enhance your recovery. 

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Ready to get Calm and Connected? 

Are you in recovery? Do you want a little connection, some calm and a whole lot of clarity? Well then come check out the Connected Calm Life Community. Finding pockets of connection and calm in an imperfectly perfect life.

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Do you want to rewire your brain so you can change your story and enhance your recovery? Well then book a FREE Mindset Audit Session with me today. 

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