170 The Other Side of Addiction with Al Richards

Al Richards grew up in West Jordan, UT. He's been blessed with two amazing and beautiful daughters Meagan & Arielle. God has also blessed him with three incredible grandkids, two granddaughters, and a grandson. Al loves spending time with his grandkids, they have brought much joy to his life. He enjoys hiking with friends and his daughters. He also enjoys hikes by himself, these are the times he feels closest to God. Al loves being in the mountains, playing golf, and working out. The past year he's dabbled in a little acting. In October of 2020, Al was in a Hallmark film, Christmas Tree Lane. He will also be in the Second Season of The Chosen where he played a Roman Soldier, Crippled, Merchant, and Vendor. He also did an American First Credit Union and a My Pillow Commercial. In 2020 Al started sharing his story of what it's like living with an alcoholic and how it took him down a dark path. He's now wanting to help others who are going through the same and struggling.


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