168 Living Sober with Forrest Ferguson

Forrest was born in Austin, TX in 1961 and his drug of choice was alcohol but definitely not limited to just alcohol. His sobriety date is 09/21/2010. Forrest spent his early childhood in Austin. In 1969 they moved 25 miles east of town where he still lives today. Forrest own and operate a metal fabrication and welding business. Passions include cooking, fishing, restoring old things and most importantly helping others. His addiction became active at age 12. He didn't fit in or feel loved as a child and he really didn't know how to deal with it. Another factor at this point in his life was his religious upbringing. Forrest would go to church weekly and all he ever got out of that was a long list of deeds for which he would be sent to hell for. At this point in his life he felt no love from his parents or God, didn't have any real friends and he was sad and scared. Learn more on today's show.


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