155 Healing Beyond Recovery with Mike Govoni

Mike is passionate about helping people in recovery experience greater healing and transformation. As a person in recovery for over 16 years, Mike has personally walked this path and knows what it takes to not only recover but to heal. Mike has overcome what he calls Mount Everest like hurdles such as childhood trauma, addiction and chronic illness that lead to him having a profound spiritual awakening that he believes was the catalyst to his healing.

Mike has extensive experience working in the addiction/recovery field. His experience includes supporting three major hospital emergency rooms in Boston for the opioid epidemic as a Recovery Coach helping patients with substance abuse and related complications.

Today Mike has a thriving private practice as a Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach where beliefs help people create a feeling of safety and connection within their own body is essential to becoming well and achieving long-term recovery. Mike believes in addressing the whole person, not only to achieve greater freedom and abstinence from substances and harmful habits, but to empower clients with tools and resources to meet everyday life with more inner resilience, presence, and ease.


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