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151 Thrive In Recovery with Amy Guerrero

Amy Guerrero, trauma-informed recovery coach, conscious sober person, and founder of Thrive In Recovery, a coaching practice developed for sober people to heal their trauma, find success and create healthy relationships with people, money, and themselves. Amy has learned how to go from admitting she was powerless to living powerfully and believes it is her ultimate act of service to share her journey with others. I’m reaching out about having her on your show. Amy knows from experience that getting sober is only the first step in a journey towards healing. She was pretending to be happy, thinking that the next meeting or the next therapy session would “fix” her and allow her to finally feel comfortable in her own skin, but it just wasn’t happening. Amy got busy educating herself, training and working with people in somatic experiencing, attachment theory, and other trauma-informed modalities, and relating it to living a conscious sober lifestyle. She turned her healing into her life’s work and now uses that education to coach people to feel more courage, hope, and confidence in their sober life. Amy created Thrive In Recovery to provide her clients with a one-on-one, personalized approach to sober living, tailored for their specific needs, desires, and goals. Recently, Amy launched Bridge To Trust, a complimentary 3-day interactive experience designed for recovering humans and their loved ones to repair relationships, heal dysfunctional family dynamics, and experience a deeper connection. The world needs families and friends to come together to forgive, connect more deeply, and be the transitional characters that end the generational trauma forever.







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