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147 Intuitive Energy Healing with Scott Clover

Scott Clover’s helps people connect to their own energy so they can
learn to heal themselves. He is a certified practitioner of Focalizing,
a somatic-based technology for changing your body's energy
patterns for areas such as trauma relief, anxiety, and positive
creative uses.

Scott lead the ‘Workshops and Outreach’ initiatives for the
Focalizing Institute for 10 years, coordinating and teaching
workshops internationally on topics of energetic healing, addiction
recovery, sexual health, and more. Currently, Scott teaches classes
at The New York Open Center and the NYC LGBT Center regarding
the topics of self-acceptance, reducing judgment, and intuitive
energy healing. Mr. Clover studied energy medicine with Laura
Alden Kamm, and has worked with masters in the fields of
archetypes, energetic release, chakra systems, and providing
guidance through intuition.

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