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133: Life in Recovery with John Loxley

Episode #133

John Loxley (also known as Ren Koi) is a certified Life Coach, Author and Host of the Life in Recovery Podcast. As a DJ and music producer, he spent over ten years drinking alcohol and using drugs before starting his recovery journey in 2010 when he hit rock-bottom. From 2013 to 2015, John gained qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy and meditation tuition, then he began writing books about addiction, recovery, mental health issues, trauma and spirituality under his pseudonym Ren Koi (Ren meaning ‘love’ in Japanese and Koi being the symbol of courage in Buddhism while also being associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose in Eastern cultures). John has since self-published five books and his sixth book, All Is One: The Science and Spirituality of Consciousness will be published by John Hunt Publishing on their O-Books imprint in 2021. Working in the substance misuse field as a Counsellor since 2014 and a Team Leader since 2017, John continues to carry the message of recovery to still-suffering alcoholics and addicts. As a sponsor/mentor and Life Coach, he works in partnership with men – both personally and professionally – to help them help themselves to a better life by achieving positive and life-affirming goals.


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