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The Road Beyond Recovery

The Road Beyond Recovery

Hosted by: Tamar Medford

The Road Beyond Recovery Podcast empowers entrepreneurs in recovery to master their mind so they can grow their business and lead authentically fulfilled lives through community, connection and collaboration. Tamar...


144 It's Ok To Be Human

How often do you show your true self? Do you hide in those moments of weakness or sadness? Recently I had a client witness me going through a dark time. I allowed myself to become vulnerable and share what I was going...
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143 Unique Pivot with Dominique Velasquez

Dominique is 43 yrs old, from Albuquerque New Mexico. She's a mother, a wife, and just recently became a grandma! She loves music, and she loves people! Do you want to be featured on The Gratitude...
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142 Do You Have Both Feet In?

When it came to starting my business and going full time I had to have both feet in. Recently I have been doing some soul searching and realized that there are still areas of my life that I seem to always have one...
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141 Relatively Damaged Angela Talent

Angela Talent is the mother of two. At the age of 35, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which would rob her of the use of her hands and limit her ability to walk far distances. At the...
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140 What is Contribution to Addiction in General?

On today show I talk about how many things in our day to day lives contribute to addiction in all forms. We are subjected to media, endless marketing and social media posts that promote all sort of things that will...
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139 There Is No Box with Dino Miliotis

Born on September 8, 1965, Dino grew up in Chicago, graduating from Niles West High School in 1983. All his life, he’d heard, “think outside the box,” but eventually, after a series of highs and lows, he came to a...
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138 Letting Yourself Shine

Before I started my show I felt as though I was meant for more but not all that sure on what that more was. I felt as though I should be grateful for everything I had gained back into my life as a result of getting...
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137: Overcoming the Spiritual Malady with Bill Ward

Bill Ward is from Calgary Alberta. He is 49 years young. He has 3 daughters 17, 19, 24. He used to own a successful construction company that he lost due to addiction. He is 1/2 Cree First Nation and half white. He...
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136 My Journey As a Coach

When I did some soul searching into my purpose I realized I wanted to help people for a living and so I become a coach and consultant! On this episode I share my journey on how I became a coach and how I managed to...
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135: Tapped In & AF with Sarah Connelly

Episode #135

Sarah Connelly is 47 - mum of 2 boys - from the UK, lived in Aus 21 years. Business owner of 13 years, alcohol-free for 20 months. Did 2 weeks of rehab. Founded SoberUPside resource for an adventurous life without...
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134: Taking the Leap of Faith

Episode #134

Have you taken a big leap of faith before? I used to be scared of doing anything outside of my comfort zone but as I continue to invest in my own personal development I find myself wanting to do more and more things...
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133: Life in Recovery with John Loxley

Episode #133

John Loxley (also known as Ren Koi) is a certified Life Coach, Author and Host of the Life in Recovery Podcast. As a DJ and music producer, he spent over ten years drinking alcohol and using drugs before starting his...
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