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Build a Foundation, Gain Focus & Clarity and Discover Your Purpose!

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The Beyond Recovery Workshop

This workshop was designed in three parts to allow you to develop a foundation that leads to more clarity. It will then teach you how to develop a growth mindset that will put you in the right frame of mind to discover your purpose in life. Once you discover your purpose and start living it, you can begin to create the life you were meant to live. 


Cleaning up your past and owning your current reality.


Developing a growth mindset and having a clear focus.


Discover what you were meant for and empower yourself.

Self Discovery - Phase 1 

This workshop will help you own the reality you created, clean up your past and build a foundation. 

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Mindset & Focus - Phase 2

This workshop will guide you through developing a solid routine and organizational skills for better results.

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Purpose & Empowered - Phase 3

This workshop will help you discovery your purpose and learn to live the life you were meant to live. 

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The Beyond Recovery Workshop Bundle

Get all three phases for FREE!

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What people are saying about the coaching experience!


 "Tamar is skilled in keeping you accountable with goals and creating a warm and safe environment to dive deeper into your motivations."


"Tamar Medford is an excellent coach. Her style of coaching is gentle, patient, yet powerful. She is very well versed in her area of expertise. She has her own structure that I admire and has helped draw me to her mentorship."


"Since I joined the program, my personal growth is in a class of its own. She has guided and helped me propel my mission with the help of short term goals soon to be long term goals. My first book that is in the works is a product of Tamar’s inspiration and professional guidance. I am convinced this is just the beginning of more to come."


"Tamar's coaching has been worth its weight in gold! Not only have I learned practical, hands-on tips but I've also learned so much about myself. I feel more centred, less stressed, and more in tune with my goals than ever."


"I love working with Tamar because I know I am working with a real, down to earth human who used these same tips and tricks to chase her own goals. She is passionate about helping others succeed and it shows. One of the highlights of the crazy year that is 2020 is my weekly sessions with this rock star!!"


"Just in the first week you will find your passion and the meaning of your life and set up goals and tasks in order to live out your passion."


"Tamar is an amazing coach who will help you through this program so you can finally live the life of your dreams. You become empowered and more resilient than ever!"