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Which of these answers best describes you?


I am not in recovery but have a story of overcoming adversity.


I am in recovery and have a story of overcoming an addiction and adversity.


I am in recovery and became an entrepreneur as a result of my past and the desire to help others.


I am an entrepreneur who can help people start and/or grow their business by the strategies I provide.



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Please provide a short bio so we can get to know you better. (Please put into third person as these will be used for show notes)

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What kind of tips or strategies could you provide my audience to either discover their purpose, start or grow their business or live a great life. 

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What are some topics that you are passionate about and love to discuss?

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Do you have a workshop or a course that you would like to promote to my audience? If so add the link below. 

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Email Address (We will send you the link & graphics prior to airing the episode)

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As a condition of publication/broadcast and for no monetary compensation I, Tamar Medford request the non-exclusive worldwide rights to reproduce, and distribute, your oral and/or video presentation of the interview. I shall have the right to edit/or transcribe your presentation. 


You also grant me the right to use your name, biography and likeness in connection with the program. I hereby consent to the use of my oral and/or video presentation as described and agree with the provisions of this release form. 





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